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Taxis in Spelthorne

With the Christmas party season underway, we are reminding residents of best practice when it comes to using taxis to get home from their evening's entertainment.

If you are using a taxi or minicab over the festive period, please ensure that you check for an official licence plate on the rear of a vehicle and identification badge, as per the images, around the driver's neck before the journey commences.

No-one wants to be left out in the cold through the winter months, but it's not worth taking a risk if you are unable to easily identify that a driver and vehicle are properly licensed.

Licensed drivers and their vehicles undergo extensive background checks before they are issued with a licence. The only way to be sure that your journey is safe and properly insured is by checking that the driver and vehicle in question are legitimate.

Whilst Spelthorne do not licence Uber, the same rules apply to their vehicles and drivers.

As further information to ensure you stay safe, please consider these dos and don'ts from Surrey County Council.


  • try to pre-book a cab or taxi whenever possible
  • ask for the fare cost in advance of your journey if it is not a metered cab
  • ask the driver who they are collecting
  • always sit in the back of the vehicle if travelling alone
  • make sure all doors remain unlocked
  • carry your mobile phone in your hand, so it is easily accessible
  • if you are at all suspicious, don't get in and make a note of the number plate.

Do not use a cab if:

  • there are no taxi signs on the roof or licence plate
  • the driver will not tell you the cost of the journey if not metered
  • you can't see an identification badge
  • the driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • the driver does not seem to know the local area
  • the vehicle seems to be too old for use as a cab
  • the vehicle is in a state of disrepair

Spelthorne's taxi policy has recently been amended and is viewable in full via If you have any information about unlicenced taxis, report it to us, Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or Surrey Police on 101.

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