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Christmas bin collections

The Icon for pdf 2019 calendar [1.31MB] and the Icon for pdf 2020 calendar [37.11KB] explains which week your rubbish or recycling will be collected. To find out your collection day visit My Spelthorne.

Changes to your collection service over Christmas are shown below.

Collection Scheduled collection day Revised collection day
Recycling Monday 23 December Normal collection
  Tuesday 24 December Normal collection
  Wednesday 25 December Friday 27 December
  Thursday 26 December Saturday 28 December
  Friday 27 December Sunday 29 December
Rubbish Monday 30 December Normal collection
  Tuesday 31 January 2019 Normal collection
  Wednesday 1 January 2019 Thursday 2 January 2020
  Thursday 2 January 2019 Friday 3 January 2020
  Friday 3 January 2019 Saturday 4 January 2020
Recycling Monday 6 January 2020 Back to normal

Wrapping paper

It's paper, right? So it should all go in the recycling? Well not always. A lot of wrapper paper is actually plastic or has metal foil or glitter on it that can't go into the recycling. If there's no foil or glitter and you're still unsure if it's paper or not, try the scrunch test. Scrunch it up, if it stays scrunched and doesn't spring back then it's paper and can be recycled. If it springs back then it's foil or plastic and needs to go in the rubbish bin.

Leftover festive food

For all your festive food leftovers, make use of the weekly food collection service. Place your food waste in a plastic bag (any bag other than a black bin liner is good) and place it in your green outdoor caddy with your other bins on collection day. If you don't have a food waste bin, you can pick one up from the Council Offices in Knowle Green or our Depot on the Kingston Road.  If you do not already use the food waste service but would like to start, please visit our food waste page.


Clothes, linen and paired shoes (even with holes or rips in) can be recycled or reused using our weekly textile collection service or at the many clothing banks around the Borough.  

Broken small electrical items

Small electrical items such as kettles, electronic toys or fairy lights can be recycled using our weekly small electrical kerbside collection service or at electrical banks around the Borough. 

Large cardboard boxes

We all love presents that come in big boxes, sometimes the box is the best bit! But what to do with them afterwards? They're big, bulky and take up loads of room. The best option is to flatten them and put them in your recycling bin. If it won't fit in your bin you can put the flattened cardboard next to your bin on collection day but make sure it's not raining as we can't accept wet card. Glass, tins, cans and sweet/biscuit tins (metal or plastic)

Please continue to recycle all your glass bottles and jars, metal cans and tins as well as metal (or plastic) biscuit tins.

Extra recycling

If you have more recycling than can fit into your recycling bin you can take it to your local Bring Site to recycle or to the Community Recycling Centre in Shepperton. You can also recycle unwanted clothes and textiles at the Bring Sites as well as small electrical items and books. To find your nearest site and what can be recycled there visit

Excess rubbish

We only take rubbish from inside your bin (with the lid shut) and cannot take any extra rubbish to the side of your bin. If you have extra general waste, please dispose of it at the .

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